Thursday, February 26, 2009


To put out the wildfire, you have to stop the guy with the gas can!

Sometimes when people play with matches--they can actually torch far more than expected. At the rate these allegations are spreading rampant--that house called Our Washington Nationals might just catch fire as well. Please--let the investigation play out--before this Spreading Wildfire burns Our Washington Nationals to the ground.

The National aren't going to be burned to the ground.  Let's not get overly dramatic with the crisis stuff (enough people here are doing that already).

Fair or not, when an organization that you are in charge of screws up, you have to take responsibility.  And, I don't mean one slip up and you're gone.  But we're talking about a pattern . . . the What's His real name problem connected to the skimming bonus scandal. 

And we aren't even talking about the 102 losses and the  29th rating of our farm system. 

I don't know about anyone else, but its hard to be an optimist or even just present yourself as a fan of the Nationals right now.  Lovable losers OK, Incompetent losers . . . no one wants to be on that train.

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  1. Nice post...I couldn't agree more. In many organizations, 102 losses alone would be enough to get fired.

    I thought I was half-dreaming when I read the "wildfire" post on my BB this morning.