Sunday, March 1, 2009


I assume GoDaddy will be getting some business in the next few days as FJB closes shop with a job well done.

It was inevitable and had to be done.

I do disagree about the way the Lerner's and Stan Kasten handled the situation. From the outside looking in, it's easy to demand that this guy or that guy lose his job for some embarrassing situation.

However, on the inside its much different.

Can anyone run a big organization if their reaction to every media report is to pressure employees to quit? For every story the press gets correct, they get one wrong. And don't think that isn't true . . . just check the records. For every trade actually made, 100 dead certain reports fill the air which are totally incorrect.

Or if you want to know about false allegations, just go ask Ray Donovan.

Standing up for your people is a good quality. Of course, the flip side is your people need to serve you well and also know when its time to go. At least JimBo got the second part mostly correct. Maybe he should have quit earlier, maybe he should have been canned and made the scapegoat for the 102 losses . . . but when the time came, he did jump (OK maybe he was pushed but we'll never really know that).

Guilty or not, he had to go. Stan the the Lerner's gave him the benefit of the doubt and he did the honorable thing and quit.

The next guy who takes this job will know that one allegation or one problem isn't going to result in getting Steinbrennered. No one can run an organization like that.

And let's give him this . . . Elijah Dukes for Glenn Gibson and for all those who killed Jim Bo for not dealing Soriano . . . I give you Jordan Zimmermann. And Josh Smoker. And Michael Burgess who was begot from Jose Guillen. A better record that the Now Uncontested Worst GM in Baseball . . .

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