Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can we expect an annual Pattersoning?

Curious.  One can't help but go back to John Patterson, thought to be the #2 starter going into camp and cut by this time (probably for the same reasons).

I absolutely agree that this was done with salary in mind.  Little over half a million saved. 

Based on the Patterson example, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt health wise on Hill.  They were dead right on that one and perhaps they also know that Hill's elbow is chronic.  Still, at $755,000 he'd make a fine set-up guy, limiting him to 1 IP at a time.  Perhaps that's a luxury they decided they couldn't afford.  And truthfully, what's the upside to a right hander who can't go multiple innings or pitch on consecutive days?

Signing Joe Beimel for $2m/1 year.  Very Nice. 49 IP in 71 games?  Have we hocked a LOOGY here or what?  But a 210!!! ERA+  yikes.  I guess we know who's going to face Ryan Howard in any late inning situation this season.

I guess they DID have the extra cash to spend on a relief pitcher.  You're only half a cheap bastard today, netting out at an extra $1.5m in payroll (maybe less if they can flip Beimel at the deadline!)

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