Monday, March 23, 2009

Defense v. Offense at Second Base

That's what it lookslike it's coming down to.

The defendant is Anderson Hernandez.  Hard to tell from his 294 major league innings if he is double plus plus defender or not.  Minor league stats are just as iffy.  So, numbers are out.    Our eyes tell us that he's a decent defender. And it looks like he's got the manager in his corner:

"To me, this guy has only had one rough year - last year when he was in
Triple-A with the Mets," Acta said. "He looked like a laid-back guy
that, at times, if he was not performing very well, [he] looks kind of
like a too-cool type of guy. But he can play. He does things right. He
works properly."

The plantiff is Ronny Belliard.

I still can't get over his line from 2008. .287/.372/.473 in only 296 ABs but good enough for an OPS+ of 120.  Dan Uggla of the Marlins was a 128+ OPS in 531 AB's average defender.  Chase Utley?  135 OPS+ in 607 ABs.
Wow, tough division for 2Bs. 

Hey, who the Mets got?  WGMIBB strikes again. And only $18m over the next three years invested in 245/355/305!!!!.  HA HA

I think it's safe to say that Ronnie can hit a bit.  Clearly, he has more offensive upside that Hernandez.  But as we all know, he's a tad underwhelming as a defender.

So, which way to go?  I'll bet that Manny wants Hernandez simply becasue he knows that on any given night, he's going to have some defensive concerns in left and center, maybe SS to a lesser extent. 

And, if you are the optimistic type, Hernandez carries the potential to not be Tony Pena's like with the stick.  Maybe he even pushes average.  It's possible. From a game management standpoint, you have the ability to make the dreaded offense for defense replacement.  Trailing late, Belliard can PH for Hernandez (or be the top side of the vaunted double switch) and actually be a threat to cut into a deficit.  I know as a fan I'd be likely to stick around to see if Ronnie B. can deliver.  I don't know if the bullpen would be as happy.

Moving on, hey all five of us Nats fans have our own big time internet meme now.  Deadspin, the BIG TIME.

Two camps.  Those that say why does a guy who hates sports write about it for a living?  And the others who say, he can write so get off his back.

How about a third camp?  The camp that says hey Washington Post, can't find someone who can write AND doesn't think sports are beneath him. Really. It's that hard.  Had the job opening out there for months and months and no one else would stain their resumes to take the job? 

Then I think, well it's the Post.  They would care more about how they are perceived in the media bubble than serving their , their their "readers".  That's the message that is sent.  We'd rather have a freaking poet write our gamers than someone who may know about the game and write as if that was so.  Cause the people who actually read the stories may in fact share that enthusiasm? 

We can get the finely crafted prose in a dusty unread yearly sports writing anthology. And I hear Pulitzer's fetch a pretty penny on ebay now a days.

Finally, there was a reason Adam Dunn came at a discount.  So deal.  He's a butcher in the field and isn't exactly Charlie Hustle out there.  He walks and hits for power.  That's what he does.  That's what he will do.  He will also strike out in key situations.  Want more than that?    Here's how you get everything.

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