Friday, March 6, 2009

The Pop

Nationals Enquirer has it embeded

It's not top quality video and sound but listen for one thing: the pop.

The pop of the fastball hitting the catchers glove.

I remember distinctly the first time I heard a different pop coming from a catcher's glove.

Michigan v. Minnesota in Ann Arbor.  86 or 87. (Time not so distinctive).  Sitting in the bleachers just before the game is set to start and the starting pitcher for Michigan heads to the mound.  He throws a couple of warm up tosses and then . . . . POP.

It echoed all around the stadium, off the building beyond the right field fence. It demanded attention.  It was clearly different from any POP any other pitcher I had ever heard.

That pitcher was Jim Abbott. 

Yeah, the guy without a right hand.

I didn't need to be a trained scout to know within the time the sound from his fastball hitting the catcher's glove hit my ears that Abbott had it. And yeah, Abbott had a decent, not great career, in the bigs but I doubt any other pitcher I saw that day threw one pitch in the bigs. 

So, listen to the pop in the SDSU catchers glove (even on the breaking stuff!)  and buy your ticket to San Diego.  For September 1st at Quallcomm Stadium.

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