Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A curious relationship

It sure looks like the Wowin' Curacaoan is about to lock down a spot in the starting rotation. Now, we've said the same about Jerome Williams before but let's be positive for once and say Martis may develop into a decent pitcher before its all said and done.

And how did the Nats end up with this 22 year old pitcher?

Brian Sabean needs a LOOGY down the stretch in '06. JimBo is happy to offer up Mike Stanton and all he gets is an A ball pitcher. Looks real good now.

But how about this . . .

Stanton got his start in pro ball as a 13th round draft pick of the Atlanta Braves in the 1987 draft.

And who do we know was running the Braves at the time . . .

One Stan Kasten!!!

See, the PLANtm has been percolating longer than ANY OF US EVER KNEW!!!

On a much sadder note, I hear of the passing of Hall of Famer George Kell.

I'm sure most of you know Kell as the guy they point to and say "If Kell's in the Hall, then why not Player X"

But for me, growing up in mid-Michigan Kell was the soundtrack to baseball. I'm sure that most people seeing Kell and Al Kaline doing games wouldn't say they were the most polished professional broadcasters they ever heard and they weren't.

But it was always a pleasure to listen to Kell's call of the game. It had to be since the alternative was Ernie Harwell on the radio and that was pretty darn good.

He was comfortable, he could tell as many stories from the old days as Kaline and always seemed to enjoy his job and the game. I know that I still hear his echos once in a while as I'm watching games and I'm sure I always will.

Godspeed George.

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