Friday, March 20, 2009

Please listen to this man!

This man makes a lot of sense . . .
from Pirates Revolution:

Wily Mo Pena buried in talented Nationals outfield

Jim Bowden didn't earn much praise for his work in rebuilding the Nationals, but he was able to successfully stockpile an above-average group of outfielders. He added Josh Willingham and Adam Dunn to a depth chart that includes Lastings Milledge, Elijah Dukes, Austin Kearns, Willie Harris and Wily Mo Pena.

Pena would seem to be the most attractive (attainable) trade bait, as he just turned 27 and possesses prodigious power from the right side of the plate. The Nationals need help badly in their rotation, and so it's not a stretch to believe they could deal from a strength to address a weakness.

Jeff Karstens isn't a world beater, but he would provide Washington with a steady presence on the mound every fifth day. Pena -- owed $2m million in 2009 -- could serve the role currently set aside for grizzled veteran Craig Monroe. Despite a strong spring, Monroe is likely at the end of the line. The Pirates could hope to coax Pena's potential out into PNC Park's right field.

Jeff Karstens is more like the second coming of Tyler Clippard (although I have to give Ty some credit, his K rates in the minors aren't half bad) down to the started in the Yankee system and therefore is more hyped than he deserves to be. 

But when you are dealing essentially a sunk cost, even a Karstens is an upgrade.  And how bad is Craig Mo when Wily Mo represents an upgrade?

Get this one done Mike!

Washington Nationals One-a-day calendar Fact o' the Day Friday March 20:

The 2005 inaugural version of the Washington Nationals finished last in the National League in hits, runs, batting average, and home runs.

Way to pimp the product guys!  I am waiting with baited breath for the next Nats Fact (I will not peek ahead, I want to be properly surprised) like worst ERA or most games lost to injury in 2008 or some other reason to NOT want to go to the ballpark. 

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