Thursday, March 5, 2009

No help here

Shawn Hill heads to Dr. Andrews waiting room and the starting rotation, already an iffy proposition at best becomes just that much weaker.

And one step closer to the Towers/Chacin August flambefests.

Rob Neyer shows us the best of the available SP's. It's not an impressive group. 

Anyone for Pedro?  Would giving the "creaky junkballer" 20 starts be worth anything at this point?  Answer: No.  Unless Pedro found the time machine just long enough to convince a contender his playoff resume was worth a mid range prospect.

I notice he doesn't mention Odalis?  Wonder if that bridge has been burned?

Maybe the best thing is to just roll the slop out in the 5th slot until September when this arrives . . . inverted W and all.

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