Thursday, March 26, 2009


I caught the bottom of the second top of the third inning of yesterdays Grapefruit league game.

I have to say, even though they went one-two-three, it made me a little bit excited to see Adam Dunn, then Dukes, then NJ.

I only saw a pitch or two of Dunn's AB but then Elijah worked the count full against a guy described as the Asian Greg Maddux (Kawakami I believe). He then K'd on an Eric Gregg-brand outside fastball.

NJ was his usual self, working the count fouling off pitches before he got hung up and tapped weakly to the pitcher.

Still, if Elijah is anywhere near a patient as he looked in that AB, I think pitchers are going to dread working to the middle of that lineup.

Balestar looked decent and his entire outing was a big step up from what we've seen. Unfortunately for him, after what the food critic wrote about J Zimm's latest exploits, maybe the future IS now. I still think the smart play is to deny him Super Two.

Hey, we're all waiting for Strasburg's first start aren't we? We can wait a little while for J Zimm?

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