Friday, September 21, 2012

Nationals clinch playoff spot, first for D.C. team since 1933 | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports

Nationals clinch playoff spot, first for D.C. team since 1933 | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports:

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For such a big deal, it doesn't feel like a big deal.

I mean I started this blog with the idea that it would be an accomplishment to reach 43 wins . . . the low standard to ensure forgetability for bad teams or 63 wins to avoid the dreaded 100 loss season.  Of course they weren't successful in the latter and thanks to Riggleman (thought we forgot what Jim did for us not as the Nats manager but sweeping that last series in Seattle and gifting us Strasburg).

Even though playoff baseball is devalued, this is a franchise that has played what 5 postseason games period.  Haven't had a postseason game in Washington since 1933.  That's exorcising a lot of demons and ending a lot of narratives.  I'm all in favor of ending sportswriters narratives.

Side note: how freaking good was Ross Detweiler last night?  Spotting a 95+ FB all over the place.  Am I crazy for thinking that I wouldn't be ashamed to have him start a post season game?  And he's the 4th starter. h/t to Davey for having the guts to put him in the rotation from Day One (we'll just all agree to forget the regrettable CM Wang era OK).

Storen was pretty special too.  That's a key to postseason success -- 8th and 9th inning shutdown guys.  Pretty glad to go into a series with Clip and Storen at the end right now.  And I'm confident Davey will keep them both fresh.

Honestly, how can anyone other than Davey get a vote for NL MOY.  Making the Lannan/Detweiler call out of ST, the way he's handled he bull pen from Day One mixing and matching and generally creating favorable late inning matchups all year long, having a productive bench and using it and finally and IMHO the key move convincing Jayson Werth to be happy in the spot he belongs -- leading off.  How many managers would have both the smarts and the balls to tell a 6' 5" $126m guy he's no longer a "power" hitter and get him to go where he makes the team work best as a high OBP leadoff guy.  Short answer not many.  (Would Manny Acta? I doubt it.)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How the Nationals Were Built - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

How the Nationals Were Built - The Triangle Blog - Grantland:

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Expos apologist forgets that it was the Expos that made the hideous Colon deal which is just as responsible for the bottoming out as anything else.  Oh and Omar's terrible drafting after the first round.  Lots of 1st rounders go bust but usually teams find mid round gems.  Not under the late term Expos.

I'm sure I could look this up but I prefer to just ramble on and say I am certain there were times in 08 and 09 when an overmatched Nats team walked into Philly or SF or anywhere really and had their asses handed to them.  Where is was so patently obvious which was the better team. The games not even close.  Well, payback's a bitch Chicago.