Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ryan Zimmerman’s Struggles Continue | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Ryan Zimmerman’s Struggles Continue | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball:

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When Zimm signed the $100m extension, my thought was at least he'd be more immune to criticism than Jayson Werth just for what he's done for the franchise.

That's seems to be right on the money.   Cause there ain't no two ways about it: he's stunk on ice.

And he isn't getting even a eighth of the criticism Werth got last year and Werth was doing a whole lot better!  Which shows you exactly how bad Zimmerman's been.

Now you could argue that Zimmerman's struggles have been subsumed in the success the Nat's are having so far.  When they were their typical losing team last year, it was easier to point fingers. Granted. Winning does cover up a lot of faults.  But I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that Zimmerman was the lone bright spot on a lot of bad teams and the long time fans who would be most critical are just afraid to rein down the opprobrium on such a figure.

Understandable.  This article doesn't give us much hope that a healthy Zimmerman is going to come back.  We're reduced to hoping his injury is worse than he's letting on.  It would be a near monumental disaster if this was Zimmerman's level for the next five years . . . combined with Werth and his albatross.  That would leave the Lerner's with a tough decision . . .

they'd have to eat a lot of these contracts or they would squander the best years of the magnificent pitching staff they have assembled.   With the vagaries of pitching, there is no way to assume this window will stay open for five years.  Hell, it probably won't stay open for three. That would be pretty good .What's more likely a Braves in the 90s run or a 2003 Cubs rehash?

Can't even move him to SS -- he'd be a liability compared to Ian D with the glove and the stick right now!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So far, Bryce Harper is living up to the ridiculous hype - Grantland

So far, Bryce Harper is living up to the ridiculous hype - Grantland:

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If you don't want to read the whole thing, here's the nut graph:

Bryce Harper, age 19, is the best hitter on a first-place team.

The only thing that haunts me, as a pessimist by nature, is the name Tony Congilario.  He's always the guy on these teenage lists who isn't a Hall of Famer.  We all know why and that thought hangs over every discussion of Harper's future.  It could be taken away so easily, so quickly and end up being just a footnote rather than the grand epic novel we're hoping for.

It was a pleasure to listen to the BS Report from Monday where Red Sox fan Bill Simmons recalled his teams weekend series with the Nats.  "Guys throwing 100mph, scoring from first on doubles their just a good team and we're not."  Respect comes slowly then it comes all at once.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nationals eyeing Dominican prospects Gustavo Cabrera, Wendell Rijo - Nationals Journal - The Washington Post

Nationals eyeing Dominican prospects Gustavo Cabrera, Wendell Rijo - Nationals Journal - The Washington Post:

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Please, for the love of Pete, just get over the Smiley Gonzalez thing.  It didn't work out.  Deal.  In the end, he cost the team less than Paul LoDuca and they aren't still whining about that.  For that matter he's cost less than Chien Ming Wang and what the hell good has that done so far?

Get into the Soler bidding.  You have the cash and you can't have enough top end prospect talent.  Your payroll isn't commensurate with your market so you have spare change.  And soon your payroll will give you the excuse you need to no longer be big international FA players.  So double down now while you have the opportunity.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

$3.5m to buy a prospect?

Nats Talked With Dodgers And Rockies About Lannan: MLB Rumors -

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$3.5m to buy a prospect.  That's what you are talking about.  Its the new MLB, GM's aren't going to give up cash AND talent to get at best a league average starter for four months.

Lannan's $3.5m is a sunk cost.  You dynamited that bridge the day you offered Lannan arbitration.  The only question now is: what are you going to get for your $3.5m?  Four months of AAA pitching or a decent prospect?  Pay Lannan and ship him to who ever offers you the highest ceiling prospect.  THAT is a no brainer.

Made an observation in re: the Nats draft. 14 of 15 are up the middle players.  Nary a corner infielder or outfielder in sight  (the 14th rounder is a RF).  I like this strategy.  You can always move players to the less demanding end of the defensive spectrum but its impossible to do the opposite.  Think Mike Morse who was drafted and came up as a shortstop.  Can't imagine him there now.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Words Mike

F&^% and YES!

This is how you do ut.  Screw the money, take the best player.  He's 17. Go ahead and TJ his elbow now and by the time he's healed, he'll get this damn 160 IP limit out of the way at Hagerstown.

MLB's 10 worst deadline deals

June 27, 2002 — Expos and Indians - MLB's 10 worst deadline deals - FOX Sports List:

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Kudos to Fox -- they have the "deal" in the correct spot. Number One overall.