Wednesday, June 6, 2012

$3.5m to buy a prospect?

Nats Talked With Dodgers And Rockies About Lannan: MLB Rumors -

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$3.5m to buy a prospect.  That's what you are talking about.  Its the new MLB, GM's aren't going to give up cash AND talent to get at best a league average starter for four months.

Lannan's $3.5m is a sunk cost.  You dynamited that bridge the day you offered Lannan arbitration.  The only question now is: what are you going to get for your $3.5m?  Four months of AAA pitching or a decent prospect?  Pay Lannan and ship him to who ever offers you the highest ceiling prospect.  THAT is a no brainer.

Made an observation in re: the Nats draft. 14 of 15 are up the middle players.  Nary a corner infielder or outfielder in sight  (the 14th rounder is a RF).  I like this strategy.  You can always move players to the less demanding end of the defensive spectrum but its impossible to do the opposite.  Think Mike Morse who was drafted and came up as a shortstop.  Can't imagine him there now.

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