Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ryan Zimmerman’s Struggles Continue | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Ryan Zimmerman’s Struggles Continue | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball:

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When Zimm signed the $100m extension, my thought was at least he'd be more immune to criticism than Jayson Werth just for what he's done for the franchise.

That's seems to be right on the money.   Cause there ain't no two ways about it: he's stunk on ice.

And he isn't getting even a eighth of the criticism Werth got last year and Werth was doing a whole lot better!  Which shows you exactly how bad Zimmerman's been.

Now you could argue that Zimmerman's struggles have been subsumed in the success the Nat's are having so far.  When they were their typical losing team last year, it was easier to point fingers. Granted. Winning does cover up a lot of faults.  But I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that Zimmerman was the lone bright spot on a lot of bad teams and the long time fans who would be most critical are just afraid to rein down the opprobrium on such a figure.

Understandable.  This article doesn't give us much hope that a healthy Zimmerman is going to come back.  We're reduced to hoping his injury is worse than he's letting on.  It would be a near monumental disaster if this was Zimmerman's level for the next five years . . . combined with Werth and his albatross.  That would leave the Lerner's with a tough decision . . .

they'd have to eat a lot of these contracts or they would squander the best years of the magnificent pitching staff they have assembled.   With the vagaries of pitching, there is no way to assume this window will stay open for five years.  Hell, it probably won't stay open for three. That would be pretty good .What's more likely a Braves in the 90s run or a 2003 Cubs rehash?

Can't even move him to SS -- he'd be a liability compared to Ian D with the glove and the stick right now!

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