Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Typical Jackassery

It's no wonder people get worked up over JournoList when opinions from so-called "opinion-leaders" are always so typical.

Take this DCist post on Nats home opener attendance and the replies. 

Hey, does DC even have a baseball team?  Wow. Clever.  You are so post-modern.

AA product at major league prices.  Yes, in Washington DC they complain about the prices for inferior products.  Washington DC itself is an inferior product at over inflated prices!

Send the team back to Montreal.  You first.  And please stand right over there underneath the crumbling concrete at Stade Olympique.  Or, you could really see what total fan disinterest really is by standing Rusty Staub, Steve Rodgers and Andre Dawson next to the 7th D-man for Les Habitants and see who gets recognized first!

The fans in Washington are just like fans everywhere else.  Win and they will come.  If you don't believe that, just look at the Caps.  Two years ago you could put federally protected witnesses in the seats at Verizon for a Caps game and they'd be perfectly safe. 

One rebuilding plan later and you can't find a seat.  Oh, an a rebuilding plan accelerated by a once-in-a-generation Number One overall pick. Hmmmmmm?

Nice ballpark, high average incomes, large media market.  All that is needed is time and some smart baseball decisions and Washington will be a baseball town.  Everything except the smart baseball decisions is in place.  No gurantees there I am afraid. What's this, year 100 of the rebuilding plan on the North Side?

I know this is considered a football town, specifically the Redskins.  But c'mon . . . those clowns are actively bad.  Do you suppose they will be a dynasty again anytime in the Snyder era?  Fat freaking chance. And even if they win, they will never be loved again, unless Dan Snyder can figure out a way to monitize that!

Some other thoughts this afternoon:

Tigers eat $14m and cut Sheff.  It affects the Nats this way IMHO, the only value to be had from DY would be to get him healthy enough to showcse him for a mid-season deal to a contender.  A switch hitter with some pop and on-base skills would be a perfect addition for a strech drive and post season roster.  Less likely now with Sheff out there (and the Big Hurt too).  It was along shot anyway. I know neither are switch hitters but both at this moment in their careers would fit best as PH's and add to the menu of options for any team seeking such help.

Wonder what it takes to be considered to have "shown interest" in one of Tampa's out of options pitchers?  I hope more than this.

And congrats to TWGMIBB for giving up on our old friends Tony Armas Jr. and Junior Spivey.  I was really hoping they would stick around to undermine the Mets but even a clueless twit like TWGMIBB figured out what we already knew . . .

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