Friday, March 27, 2009

If you don't think the salary structure isn't driving rosters

think again.

I don't think even the Iraqi information minister could stand up in front of the assembled media and declare that Matt Wieters isn't the best option for the Orioles right now at catcher.

Love it or hate it, this is how the system works. It's show BUSINESS remember.

I have to say the Dmitri Young revelation is a bit baffling. There must be some advantage for Young to be on the 40-man . . .. wait I've got it! Per diem baby. Think Da Meat Hook could live on the minor league per diem? Me neither.

I doubt that it makes too much difference roster wise. I count at least 4 guys who would almost certainly clear waivers . . . O'Connell, Montz, Casto and WMP.

Unless Jim can explain some reasoning behind it, I guess we'll just have to chalk it up to his ego. Young had to be the shining example of his brilliance in picking through the scrap heap to find a gem. I guess he was hoping lightning would strike twice in the same place.

I do have to give the Lerner's credit for following through on this promise. I seriously doubt anyone would blame them for backing out.

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