Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Way

I am sorry.  But there is NO WAY anyone and I mean anyone is going to leave $3-4m on the table.

That's what we're talking about here with J Zimm.  If there is one thing you can say about the Nats organization, its they know the ins and outs of finances.  The District is found about THAT the hard way. 

Just the time value of money makes it worthwhile.  The Nats may have to pay the same amount eventually but they will do it a year later than they would otherwise.  Someone we know is going to learn a harsh lesson in the time value of money this June.

Let me put it another way . . . would you rather have 2 months (maybe 10 starts at the most) of a 22 year old fledgling pitcher or a full 30+ starts from a fully developed and operational starting pitcher 5 years hence?  It's a no brainer decision . . . even the Reds and Brewers figured this out (Jay Bruce and Ryan Braun)

Are the Nats costing themselves a chance to contend?  No.  Can they manage JZimm's workload easier in Syracuse? Yes.  The dramatic uptick in innings he's going to throw this year is so critically important.  If this jump is managed correctly and he comes through it without channeling the spirit of Shawn Hill or John Patterson, then you have such a huge asset.

If it means a May Gustavo Chacin carpetbombing, I think I can get over it.  I mean even Jason Simontacchi is starting to fade a bit.

Aren't we witnessing the effects of the "I want it all and I want it now" theory on Wall Street?  Make the investment and wait for the dividends.  Defer consumption and reap the rewards later. 


  1. Completely agree. And it makes baseball sense too. Get him warmed up in Syracuse. This guy is a phenom and can stand a little seasoning in AAA. Look what happened with Jesus Flores last year. The AAA experience didn't hurt him a bit.


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