Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The only man who hates JimBo more than FJB

Jon Heyman

Here's one of his "winners"
14. Reds: They lost out on Jermaine Dye, but Willy Taveras is the leadoff hitter they need. That young nucleus may be ready to win.

If you added Albert Pujols and Manny Ramirez but also added Willy Tavares and hope he gets 600 ABs at the top of your lineup you are a loser my friend.

2. Mets: A run at Manny Ramirez would have made them the kings of the winter. But while they'll hope Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy can form a viable platoon in left field and apparently also that Luis Castillo can spring to life (Jerry Manuel wisely is already making him feel better by saying he might get some leadoff at-bats), they did plenty to overhaul a pitching staff in need. Importing two stud closers -- the record-setting Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz -- within 48 hours saved their winter. Plus, they not only brought back talented (but inconsistent) lefty Oliver Perez but gave themselves plenty of options at the back end of the rotation by adding Tim Redding, Freddy Garcia and Livan Hernandez.

Yes. You read this correctly.  Heyman believes that Omar the super genius made smart moves adding of back end rotation help in the persons of Tim Redding and Livan!  If by back end, you are referring to a real back end OK.  But 2 pitchers who WERE DUMPED BY THE NATS? That's a positive move.  If they get Esteban Loaiza they might go 162-0.

How does this man have a job?  He blows his budget on two relief pitchers, is counting on Fernando Tatis and could move the horrible contract he gave to Luis Castillo if he offered all the jailbait in Paul LoDuca's black book. And he has to start Castillo!  Ha HA HA.

By all accounts Raul Ibanez will be great for the clubhouse and lineup -- though a right-handed hitter might have made a little more sense.

Yes, paying $10m a year for a 36 year old with a stone glove was a coup. 

28. Nationals: They spent a lot of time trying to land the biggest fish, Teixeira, but ultimately it was wasted effort. Eventually, the big move involved another ex-Red, Adam Dunn. They have too many ex-Reds, far too many outfielders and first basemen, too few pitchers and one too many Jim Bowdens.

OK the payoff.  He's right of course.  But I still wonder what JimBo did to deserve the bitch slap at every opportunity? 

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