Monday, February 9, 2009

Smartest move yet

Heard on the Sports Reporters tonight: Thom Lovarro reported that 2 front office types (unnamed) told him that the Nats flirtation with Mark Texeira was nothing more than an attempt by Scott Boras to drive up his price to the Yankees. The Nats would get preferential treatment for Boras "client" Steve Strasburg in June in return for spooking Hal Steinbrenner to pry open the checkbook a little wider.

This sounds like sour grapes to me, but God help me I HOPE it is true.

I want an FO that is looking for every competitive edge it can find. As I go on about, this crew has failed so far to use its huge financial resources to improve the on field product.

Here they made a smart move at virtually no cost. If it helps them sign Strasburg sooner then it will have been well worth it.

Not that I still have confidence they will be able to accomplish that. I have generally sided with the Plan and the virtue of patience. However, the Hill arbitration has given me pause to reconsider that position.

Now, its not like Hill is going to be a major contributor, but 50K??? I could find that in the Lerner's couch cushions. It's not necessary to over pay or everyone (are you listening Danny Boy) but over the small stuff, be an organization that at least appears to want to make its player happy and successful. Go that extra mile (or 50K) and generate some goodwill.

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