Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I guess we now know why

Nats Journal has the story.  The SI piece linked there has the details.

The shape of the story as we know it today is a conspiracy by at least the buscone and Jose Rijo to bilk the Nats out of cash.

The buscone surely knew Lugo's age and Rijo should have known.

The real question is (as it usually is with conspiracies) What did Jim know and when did he know it?

There is some room for excuse if the attempt to swindle was exceptionally well planned and executed.  As it must have been since they managed to hide Lugo/Gonzalez's true age from immigration officials for two years.  A lot of other Latin players had their real ages identified years ago with the stricter visa rules following 9/11. So, to beat the new rules for that long means they had to do more than just white out a birthdate on a certificate.

Scamming Segway boy would have been a lot easier.

Now it makes sense why the Nats have been so quiet in international signings. But if  the silence is related to the Gonzalez/Lugo signing, then that says the FO knew it was fishy. Funny, I don't remember hearing them say anything about that.  Never qualified anything about Gonzalez/Lugo when he was rising up the prospect ratings.

If the outlines of the story are true, even with plausible deniability, how can someone not take a fall?  A minister in a government agency in charge when an underling, with our without his/her knowledge, scams the government should (rightly) offer his/her resignation on the spot.  They would understand that they could not creditibly lead any longer and the best interests of the government require a break from the past and new leadership.

I can't see why this isn't the case here. 

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