Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where's Arli$$ when you need him?

159.7 IP and a 101 ERA+

182 IP and a 89 ERA+

One is worth guaranteed $2.25m and the other is worth an NRI and 850k.

Can you guess which is which?

Odalis shouldn't be instructing his agent in anything, he should be firing the loser. His performance is worth far more then 850k. He's dead right about that.

Scott Olsen got $2.8m and was about as valuable than Odalis last year. (More IP at the exact same ERA+)

In fact, here's some advice. Call Tim Redding and ask him who represents him. Cause that guy could sell ice to Eskimos. Of course, I'm not sure you can call taking Omar Minaya to the cleaners a real chore.

And JimBo, if you are lying about the contract status of Odalis, that is you assumed a verbal agreement was tantamount to an actual enforceable contract, then you should be terminated immediately. Seriously, until the ink is dry on the paper, you haven't got diddly poo. And to not know that and then go spouting off publicly, please.

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