Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For my amusement

That's what baseball players are. Or rather what they do. They amuse me.

Frankly, I don't care what they do when they aren't playing unless it directly affects me. And that's highly unlikely.

Which is why I am so uninterested in who took what when and how did it impact their performance.

You mean these guys are doing something to make them BETTER performers? And I'm supposed to be outraged? I suppose if you fervently need to believe that the human endeavor you are witnessing is solely the result of natural athletic ability honed to a fine skill through unwavering practice then you would be shocked and dismayed.

I hold no such illusions.

I really don't care one iota about PED's. From baseball's perspective however, they are trying to cater to the largest possible audience. If a significant percentage of the audience decided that they simply must believe in the myth, then baseball will provide them with cover and install all the random testing they can get away with.

Perhaps some one can tell me why it was OK for Gaylord Perry to cheat his way into the Hall of Fame but Barry Bonds, A-Rod, Raffy Palmerio and Roger Clemens will be shunned? Is it PED's or is it personality? These four are the biggest names enmeshed in the "scandal" and they (at least 3 of them anyway) share the same trait, they are not engaging personalities who have a good and easy rapport with the media.

And while I'm at it, I'd really like someone to tell me the exact difference between Tommy John surgery and PED's? If I tore my ulnar collateral ligament, I seriously doubt my doctor would rip a ligament from another part of me to fix my elbow. I mean, I'll still be able to USE the arm. It's not medically necessary for me to live thrive and survive unless I want to throw a baseball very hard again. Isn't that basically a performance enhancing medical procedure?

I know you can make the illegal argument . . . but come on. What's the over/under on percentage of baseball players that have used illegal drugs? 70-80%? Pot makes you lazy, at least the cream and the clear mean you'll be out there earning your oversized salaries.

They guy on PED's is trying to win. That's what I want from my players if I'm a fan. I want my guys to win. It gives me faux satisfaction. So, I consider it a far smaller "crime" than what Pete Rose or the Black Sox did. This ain't professional wrestling, I want to know that everyone on the field is trying to win. As long as that is intact, I'll be watching. And I won't be alone.

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