Friday, February 20, 2009

How do we know?

How do we know that the Nats FO didn't make such an offer for the FoF?

I'm sure it's occurred to Stan that maybe offering a long-term deal now might be a good business decision.  Although no numbers have been aired (other than a comparison to Nick Markakis's new deal) we really have no idea what parameters the two sides were discussing.

Maybe the FO MADE the low-ball offer.  And maybe Zim decided to roll the dice and up his price by having a great season.  What if that was Zim's decision?  It would impossible, short of paying a premium price, to sign him long term right now.

What if we've seen Zim's ceiling?  Then his gamble will have busted costing him millions.  If he has a breakout season, he will have made tens of millions. 

However, does Zim really think he's earned a David Wright deal? Wright's equal defensively to Zim and a far superior hitter. FoF or no FoF, 6yr/$55m is over market. 

Other stuff:

Here's where the glut of 1b/of types hurts The Plan.

Cleveland gives up on Andy Marte.

He might be the next Carlos Pena err how about Brandon Phillips another 24 year old Cleveland gave up on (after the WGMIBB ohhh I can't even write it)

 . . .275/372/506 at 21?? in AAA. 64/83 BB/K then 267/309/457 21/64 bb/k at 23 in AAA. Someone told him you can't walk off the island. As they say, once you display the skill you own it.  Given the right direction, would the prospect bloom? It's possible and for a club with AB's to spare, it would be worth a shot.

How's our old Friend Jose Guillen doing . . .

The funny thing is: he better off than he would have been with the old Nats medical staff.

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