Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two comments that I can't stay silent about

Acta on Dunn's position: "It's been talked about. At the end of spring training we'll decide what's best for the Nationals. He'll play first base and left field in spring training." (Acta also said he loves the thought of having both Dunn and Nick Johnson, with their high OBPs, in the lineup together--implying that is his preference.)

Manny -- you bought yourself a heap 'o slack from me. And Zimm's agent should send him a fruit basket if he bats Zimm after those two. I'd have to set Zimm's RBI total over/under at 110 for starters. And I'll bet the line would move up!

I swear to god, I am one millimeter away from signing the petition:

Jim Bowden on Dunn's lack of speed: "People have this perception of him because he's big and lumbering. But put a stopwatch on him.... He can move."

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