Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Right and a modest proposal

Bang Zoom is ahead of the curve . . . teams are factoring defense into their value calculations . . .

And speaking of that it seems retirement is preferable to Ray Durham rather than suffer the indignities of working for half the year for $850,000. I suppose 16x the median family income (rounded to 50k) is almost too much pain to bear.

I have not looked up Durham's defensive metrics but off the top of my head the word that comes to mind is statue. I look forward to be proven wrong, I hope not but I've already stuck my foot in it once or twice.

Durham's offensive contribution would be exactly what the Nats need. A .380 OBP guy at the top of the lineup.

Of course, if he gives all that back with the lack of leather then his estimation of his value is way off.

So, here's a free idea for the Players Association (who I'm sure have much more important things to do today like leaking the other 103 PED criminals and preparing for the mother of all lawsuits from A-Roid.)

Offensive and defensive substitutions. Wouldn't a Ray Durham/Anderson Hernandez hitting/fielding platoon be great? How about an Adam Dunn/Ryan Langerhans platoon?

I know its not traditional but this way, we would get the best possible baseball. The best hitters against the best fielders. More hot shots in the hole and more diving stops. More line drives to the gaps and more diving catches.

I wonder which side would win? Would games become 10-9 slugfests or would the increased offense be offset by the better defense? All we'd be left with is more exciting baseball. And we can't have that can we?

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