Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lineup suggestions

From Chico chat:
the Nats do seem to be married to the idea of Zimmerman 3rd, Dunn 4th.

So one idea

3 -- Zimmerman
4 -- Dunn
5 -- Dukes
6 -- Johnson

One far more improbable possibility

3 -- Johnson
4 -- Dukes
5 -- Dunn
6 -- Zimmerman

Or the one that makes the most sense:

2 -Johnson
3- Zim

Why would we not put our best OBP guys near the top of the order?  Of course it would take brass stones for Manny to bat Nick J. leadoff but at 2nd he'll take less heat and still make sure that Zim and Dunn have runners to drive in.  How fast will NJ have to be to score when Dunn launches one of his 40 bombs?

And it keeps the precious L-R-L-R lineup alignment. 

Leadoff would be either Guzman or the 2B de jure (unless its Belliard). Not ideal at all but what are you going to do, this team has flaws and one is no leadoff candidate.

Let Milledge hit 6th.  Someone should go look up his numbers in different places in the order. Yikes.  Small sample size but 214/233/310!!  OK let's go 7th.  Again small sample size but a much better 276/333/466.  305/365/404 in 160 PA's as a cleanup hitter.  Most often hit 8th where a 262/328/416 in 238 PA's line awaits. 

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