Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Would you do these deals?

For all the bloggers who are demanding some "action" by the Nats FO, please ask yourself this question:

What would your reaction be to news that Jim Bo had just dealt Destin Hood for Ben Sheets? Or Orlando Hudson?

Would you say that this was a wise use of a prospect to acquire a proven veteran to help the 2009 club? Or would you kill him for trading away potentially a lot of value for production in a season that is lost from the get go? What about just getting this proven veteran for just one year? Is that worth giving up one of the top 50 draft eligible players?

Because signing Hudson, Manny or Sheets would essentially be this trade. All those Type A FA's mean the first pick in round 2 would go to someone else. And I know that a 2nd round pick has about a 10% chance of becoming a major league contributor but don't we need MORE of these chances rather than less? You can't win the lottery if you don't play.

It wasn't Greg Vaughn Fred McGriff or Wade Boggs that put the Tampa Rays into the world series. It was Evan Longoria (4th overall pick), B.J. Upton (2nd overall pick) and to a lesser extent David Price (1st overall pick). That represents three pretty crappy seasons (the Nats have yet to select higher than 6th I believe until now.)

From a fan's POV, it would be great to watch Manny 40 dingers next season. Or watch Ben Sheets stay healthy and be a true ace. But does that get the Nats closer to permanent contention? Cause it doesn't look like we have an ownership group that will go the Yankee route and spend till it hurt to be competitive every season.

note: I am a dumbass. And so is Josh Byrnes. Because he's the guy who didn't offer Adam Dunn arbitration. Why? Don't know. Was he afraid Dunn would take a one year deal when he had been talking about a 9 figure deal all season? Did he enjoy paying prospects and over $4M (1.3rd of Dunn's salary last year) for those two months? On the plus side, he did give his club a chance to go to the post season in a very weak division and absent Manny's run, perhaps the D Backs could have snuck in. But that seems like a steep price to pay and get nothing out of it.

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  1. Dunn wasn't offered arb, so he won't cost any draft picks. Otherwise, your point is well taken.