Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why he's not gone yet

For all the "twisting in the wind" that JimBo is doing right now and the wondering why the Lerners and Stan the Plan are waiting for the results of the investigation, it's really simple . . .

. . . if there are more damaging allegations awaiting, then allow that S()&()& to hit the fan when JimBo is still there to take the s(*( sandwich in the face. (mixing metapors is a favorite of mine)

This way the new Front Office, who ever they may be, will truly start from scratch.  They won't have to deal with the residual leftovers of this scandal.

Unfortunately, I am not sure that the Lerners' have enough time to wait out the investigation.  This June's draft is critical to the long term success of the franchise.  Strasburg has to be signed in a reasonable amount of time and so does the #10 pick and the first pick in round 2.  We're talking about adding 3 of the top 55 amatur baseball players eligible for the draft.  That's where the FO needs to be focusing all its attention on right now.

I guess we now know why they haven't been active internationally for the last two years.  They must have had an inkling of how corrupt their Dominician operation was.  If so, then the Lerners made a bad decision in not cutting ties early and starting their own program.  Two wasted years is not acceptable. 

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