Monday, June 29, 2009

Twenty Two

Amidst the carnage that is season 2009 in Nats(ghost) Town, at least we have the entertainment value that is an Adam Dunn AB.

Go on over to and watch it again.  Love the slo-mo swing cam.  And Jim Palmer's reaction . . . "that's the farthest I've ever seen a ball hit here"

It can be so easy . . . get a quality start and not terrible relief pitching, hit a couple of home runs and walk away with win 22.  Still on that 48 win pace.  When you salvage one game in every three game series and STILL help your winning percentage . . .

Now, the trade rumors intensify around all Nats including Dunn to the Mets.

And as per type, the New York prospects get hyped beyond all persepctive.  Bobby Parnall?  Really.  A set up guy who could never close because he can't throw strikes consistantly (hello Joel Hanrahan???)  And, thanks to the drafting acumen of TWGMIBB, the Mets have little else.

(Washington Nationals One-a-day calendar update: June 27/28  Nationals Trivia: "One of the worst trades in Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals history came in 2002 when the team traded Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips, Cliff Lee and Lee Stevens for what fat errrrr front line pitcher")

Why not just slip a knife in my back and make it quicker?  Never forget, never forget!

Willingham to the Reds.  What's on the shelf in Cincinnati?  Maybe 1-5 is too much to ask for. How about 6-15?  A couple of pitching prospects on that list with flyball tendencies.  Not Rizzo's style.  A couple of big (but old for their level) middle infielders.  Hmmmm. 

First impression on the Morgan/Milledge rumor.  The Pirates turned it down?  That's Nyjer Morgan not a '75 vintage Joe Morgan right?  A 28 year old who doesn't walk, has no power but plays top tier defense.  This is what is known as replacement level talent.  If they really want Morgan, just wait a year and the Pirates will non-tender him instead of clogging up their OF with an expensive defensive sub.

Morgan's age 28 season underway right now: 90 OPS+.  18-28 in SB's.  64% success rate. Isn't that a net negative?  Milledge gave us 91+ last year at age 23.  IOW, Morgan's NOT gonna get better.  He is what he is.  Milledge can still improve on the hitting side.

Lastings fielding stats are as ugly as you would expect.  Wow. Morgan can really pick it. But aren't we building a ground ball staff?  No Sid Fernandez's on the horizon as far as I can see.  And if it's defense you want, this guy built almost all his value on defense (prior to this year when he's built nothing.)

Solid citizens are nice but as Leo "the Lip" Durocher said. . .  It's OK to say give equal talent, take the good clubhouse guy.  Given unequal talent, not so much. 

Very disappionted in the Langerhans trade.  Very.  Mike Morse?  Does he bring anything to the table that the Nats don't already have?  Langerhans could have been a good 5th OF (certainly could have filled Kearns' roster spot would he be put out of our misery.)   C'mon Mike ask for someone deep in the Mariners system.  Recently demoted Shiron Martis was buried in the Giants system and all it took was Mike Stanton.  Surely you could have gotten at least a lottery ticket rather than basically nothing.

Finally, OK it's tonight that Scott Olsen gets his revenge on the Marlins.  Yeah, that's the ticket. 

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