Friday, June 19, 2009


I thought I'd get a few days break from bloviating with this new, blog the number of the win strategy.

Three of the top five web gems from Nationals (Kearns/Hernandez then Willie's gem). Might have to rethink that whole offense/defense thing.

Really, the old saying in baseball is: you're as good as the next day's starter.  And if a guy gives up zero runs in 6 and a 1/3rd, anyone is gonna look good.  (until Lannan's shaving cream in the face. Was it just me or did Stammen look pissed? And why did it take a minute to get the guy a towel? Don't they have people for that?)

I see that the Pale Hose might have gotten tired of MacDougals wildness and figured a 30+ year old guy wasn't ever going to learn control.  But good gracious, he's dealing.  95-96 consistently. He's benefitted from two double plays behind him and from hitters without a lot of patience like Cano but still a guy who can bring it like that shouldn't be freely available.  Caution should still be exercised . . . wait till he gets a closing situation with some more patient hitters -- white knuckle time.

Well, we now know who it ws that was asking for the moon in all those previous trade deadline deals?
If I had the inclination, I'm sure I could find the exact same quote or one pret near it in '07 with Soriano and last year too.  The GM is different but someone's the same!

One more thing.  This post in Nationals Journal shows me something.  Rizzo's thinking ahead.   He has dare I say it . . . A  PLAN tm.   Not only that but a smart and sound plan.  Don't start abusing the young pitchers arms until they are on the cusp of free agency. 

If they are serious about limiting innings, why not go with the six man rotation?  Boston is (at least until they find a sucker errrr trade partner for Brad Penny).  98 games left in the season.  That would be a little over 16 starts per pitcher.  Average 6IP and that's just under 100 innings.  That'd be close to the top limits and it would keep them all in the bigs rather than having them waste time in Syracuse.

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