Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thanks Dying Medium

For the $1 grandstand ticket to last night's Potomac Nationals Wilmington Blue Hens tilt.

The Washington Post sponsored it (and thanks for the $1 hot dogs too.) 

Potomac won 5-3.  Hurrah.

Just jotted down some notes and wanted to record them for posterity.  FWIW.

1. Michael Burgess looks like a young Kirby Puckett.  Showed off his arm in the 3nd inning when he nearly threw out the Wilmington SS taking second on a ball hit to the base of the wall in right.  From the track, he hit Espinosa on the fly square on the bag.  The runner beat the throw by an eyelash. Made it close at home on a sac fly later that inning of medium deep depth. 

2. Chris Marrero, who went 3/4, is a decent athlete.  Went from 1st to 3rd on a short single in the 2nd beating a pretty good throw.  Then he scored on a PB/WP (they didn't announce which) that skipped half way to the backstop. 

3. Stephen King saw 6 pitches in his first two AB's.  All 6 were strikes and four of them (I think) were of the embarrassing swing kind.  (Burgess K'd 3 times and took some weak swings but nothing like King's first 2 ABs.)  Rapped a nice single in his 3rd AB and then promptly got thrown out trying to steal. 

4. Brad Meyers is tall.  The red stirrups make him look even taller.  Didn't see a lot of slow breaking stuff and the mitt didn't really pop on the FB.  Best pitch by far was a change that generated five or six wayyyyyyyyyyy to early swings.   No walks either. Might have gone the distance if Espinosa hadn't pulled Marrero off the bag with a throw in the 8th.

5. Espinosa redeemed himself with a nifty pick and throw out Moustakas to end the inning.  He and Tim Nelson the starting 2B displayed some good up the middle defense. 

6. Key blow of the game.  Bottom of the 7th.  3-3.  Rooney the Nats catcher hits a chopper right at Mike Moustakas, the 3rd pick in the draft last year.  Right between the wickets.  Plascencia followed with a single making it first and third no outs.  Wimington goes to the pen and brings in a lefty.  Trent Jewett  pinch hits his DH and sends up Brian Peacock. Peacock battles the hard throwing lefty (Don't know who, couldn't understand the PA announcer and his number was wrong in the program).  Then he lines a shot over the CF's head plating two.  A managerial move that pays off!!!  Makes up for the blown suicide squeeze by Boomer Whiting in the next AB.

7. Atahualpa Severino slammed the door shut in the 8th and 9th. Four in a row


  1. For me, the P-Nats are the hope of this franchise and if it wasn't for current problems with my family situation, I'd rather drive from DC to see them than watch the stinkitude at Nats Park. Marrero and Burgess are more important to the franchise right now than arguing over which reject to keep in the back of their bullpen and stressing over guys like Austin Kearns and Rafael Belliard.

    I did go up to Frederick to see the P-Nats doubleheader sweep. It will be interesting to see what happens with Meyers after the all-star break. Don't know what the rotation situation is like in Harrisburg, but he's clearly on top of high A with his all-star selection.