Friday, June 12, 2009

Any guesses on the next inept tragedy?

There has to more. 

It can't stop with SmileyGate.  Or Natinals Or epic tarp Fail.  Or 16-42?

What's next?

Will they forget to file some paper work and allow Scott Boras to declare Strasburg a free agent?  Would you be surprised if that actually happened?

How about a travel related disaster?  Some missed connection means they don't arrive in time to start a game.  Would you be surprised?

It keeps me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next monumental screw up.

In other non-news, tiny market teams the Pirates and Twins are bidding for top Dominican prospect.  Large market team with massive needs too busy finding needy college seniors to pay smallish bonuses to.  I haven't heard the word overdraft as much in the last few days since oh my last bank statement.

Any guesses on the record over this slog through the AL East?  15 in a row vs. the Top 2 payrolls+last year's WS losers+a decent Toronto+ the Battle of the Beltway which is pick 'em at best.


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