Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I guess it was just chicken s&^$

The chicken salad out of chicken s&^% defense finally collapses.

Didn't things pick up a bit after Lenny Harris got the ziggy last year?

They can't get much worse so when improvement comes (by improvement I mean merely a .400 winning percentage rather than the .265) it will be seen as a result of the change.

How will we know?  Would the improvement be as a result of the change or just the balancing of luck. I know gambler's fallacy and all but here we're dealing with human beings not coin flips. 
You know how hard this game is?  If you believe you're playing well because you're getting laid 
or because you're not getting laid or because you wore red silk panties--then you are!

And most interesting is the new hire.

Steve McCatty is described as a motivator.  A gut feeling guy. 

St. Claire was a video and numbers guy.

So basically, they've completely flipped they way they are going to handle pitching at the major league level. 

I also note that McCatty's career reached it's apex when he pitched for Billy Martin in Oakland. 

On August 10, 1980, McCatty pitched a 14 inning game against the Seattle Mariners, only to lose 2-1.

Yes, the same Billy Martin who chewed up and spit out young pitchers at an astounding rate even for his time.  I can't say that McCatty will coach from the Martin playbook but it seems likely that his philosophy would be shaped by his experiences at that time in his life.  A young guy, in the big leagues, pitching well and learning from one of the best managers of the last half century (for the first two years of any stop anyway).

So do I need to spell it out?  Or will we wait until they ask JZ to throw 130 pitches in August because he has to learn how to finish a game? 

Finally, Manny, I really wouldn't read anything into the decision to flip from passive to aggressive in pitching coaches. 

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