Monday, June 15, 2009

2 cents

Everyone else is throwing theirs in so . . .

Maybe he doesn't deserve the ziggy but that's what he's gonna get. 

You've fired players, coaches, general mangers, who's left? (Don't answer that , you can't fire the owners.)

The CW from all the writers today like Feinstein and Heyman is Acta never had a chance, the team was poorly constructed. 

This is a load of crap.  Out of ST, the 2009 team was light years better than the one that left ST in '08.  Remember them?  Writers were falling all over themselves to declare the '08 Nats a threat to the '62 Mets.  Didn't happen.  Didn't think it would either.  But the perception was Acta was doing more with less and that's good for any manager.

Now, expecations were higher and the fall has been catastrophic.  Bad formula. 

This team is not historically bad.  It just isn't.  They should just be averagely horrible like the Rays used to be and Pirates are now.

A lot of it is just luck.  And spare me the defense crap.  That would only move them down a slight bit not the cliff like fall they've experienced. 

Mostly, Manny's gone because he had no idea how to stem the tide of defeat that washed over the team beginning with those three straight losses with 9th inning leads to Florida during the 1st homestand.  Soon, it became apparent the team tightened up in key situations and their flaws became sharper (players expecting a bad result plus weak defensive players + mediocre relief pitchers in key spots = key mistakes in big situations).  And once the ball started rolling, the confidence plunged and on the reverse side, the other teams just KNEW they could come back. 

I can't recall any genius moves Manny's made to break this vicious circle.  FJB criticized him for giving JZimm the hook early in his last start.  Perhaps we should give Manny some credit here.  A guy managing for his job would have ridden JZimm hard and put him away wet if that would give him the best chance to win THAT DAY.  But the last thing this franchise needs is an 80 A's staff like implosion from overwork. 

The sad thing is: it probably won't matter who the interium guy is. He'll up the winning percentage just on the luck factor returning to normal. 

And I think NJ's foul ball adventure counts as the next shoe to drop.  As soon as the ball hit the turf, you just knew it would come back to haunt the team.  That it did on the next pitch only heightened the sensation.

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