Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At least I can toot my own horn

About this particular prediction (off by a few runs here or there but it's generally correct.)

It was tough to watch as every flaw that had been identified manifested itself on Opening Day.

Weak starting pitching -- check

Substandard defense -- check

a butane bullpen -- check

And the shiv in the back that was Bonifacio's career day.  I'll take any action that he's more Tuffy Rhodes than the second coming of Maury Wills though.

There is always the counsel that you are not as bad as you look on Opening Day nor are you as good as you look. 

But I might toss that folk wisdom out when known flaws come so much to the fore.  It might not be an aberation, but a microcosm.

Of course, Scott Olsen could go out tonight and dominate his old mates like Bonifacio did and all would be well.  I won't take your action on that however.

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