Monday, April 20, 2009

I guess you CAN fire the players

That's the old saying, you fire the manager or coach because you can't fire the players.  Not in Washington.

It's pretty clear that Saul's been sucked dry.  The WBC workload was just the icing on the cake.  Let him work once a week in Syracuse for a couple of months. Maybe his fragged out arm will revive. The amazing thing is: it's pretty well known that relief pitchers lose effectivness after a couple of years of heavy usage.  It can't be too surprising that Saul finally broke down after being flogged like a rented mule for the last two years? 

Mock was closing in Syracuse.  When (or more likely if) the Nats get another save opp, does it go to him?  Or is it Tavarez? Is Hanrahan finished as a closer?  Has he been Lidged?  And I suppose it's Bergmann's turn to be overused in a set up role for the next two years then scrapped (see Ayala, Luis)

Kip Wells is a starter.  Did they call him up to be the long man or to take a rotation spot?  Last time through, the starters pitched pretty well.  Lannan, Olsen and D-Cab all had decent starts and Martis actually got the win!  They can't make wholesale changes here, they don't have the options.  I suppose it's a good bet that one of these top 4 implode sooner rather than later.  Or J Zimm isn't ready for prime time just yet.

Yes, the last three games have been stomach punches of the worst kind. Season killers in early April. 

But, I put forth this optimistic note:  don't you get a good feeling once the #2 hitter (NJ) comes to the plate?  I mean I actually feel like there is a good chance something good is going to happen soon.  Nick will walk and that put Zim up with a runner on.  Adam Dunn could go deep at any time and Dukes has to scare pitchers. 

That's four in a row that pitchers have to fear which has to be a record for the Nationals.Our own little Murderer's Row.

Now 1 and 6-9 are still the disaster they have always been. But at least on offense, the hole is brightly identified:

Needed: one middle infielder with a .350 or better OBP.  Must be familiar with defense and be willing to hit leadoff. No power necessary but would be considered.

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