Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Worst Part

is having to stay silent while all the superficially interested opinion makers spout their nonsense about baseball in Washington.

Kornheiser is a perfect example.

Really, Tony. Washington sports fans don't support a loser.  I know you are a transplanted New Yawker but for god sake you've been in this town long enough to know that Washington hates ANY loser.  Why do you think Al Gore grew that beard and got fat?  Anything to get the stink of loser off him (and it didn't work by the way)

It's a cliche to call Washington a "football" town who loves their Redskins.  Three Super Bowl trophies will do that.  Look around now and you'll see more Terrible Towels than Jason Campbell jerseys.  This town worships winners, no matter how they do it. 

Say anyone got a Caps ticket?  Hmmm. A few years ago you could get a Caps season ticket package if you bought a seat to a Mystics playoff game.  Now, it's the other way around.  What changed?  Oh, yeah WINNER.

Tampa Rays were a national joke just one year ago at this time.  They hadn't won more than 70 games in 10 years.  Ball park rocked pretty hard last fall?

Repeat after me . . . large media market, tons of disposable income, new ball park . . . the fundamentals are strong.  The Tigers have been around since 1901 but I wouldn't give a plug nickel for them right now. downsized media market, incomes plummeting salary structure way out of whack.Tom Hicks in Texas is broke and that team has stunk for years.

It's only a matter of time and some fortuitous breaks.  In fact, it should be a great time to be a team with money to spend.   Wilbur Ross got stinking rich being a vulture capitalist . . . it's almost time to do the same in baseball. 

That's one way to clear the OF jam.

I am trying real hard to come up with a player who succeeded with the same club who has Milledge's resume.  And I can't think of one.  Maybe I'm not trying hard enough. 

Usually, it;s the next team that benefits. Carlos Quintin anyone? 

**** Carlos Delgado!!!!!  Hit like 8 dingers in his first month then ended up in AAA by June.  Did the same the next year I think. 

**** Jeff Franceour -- the jury's still out on that one.

Still a pretty dismal record. 

I'm sure the thinking is: this will be a wake up call. It will make him appreciate being in the Show and he'll start to apply himself.

I hope so.  But I'd be willing to bet he'll sulk and blame Manny.  And he'd have a point. He's not a lead off hitter.  That is apparant to anyone who watches.  He needed to be 6th or 7th but for some crazy reason Manny wanted a fast player to lead off even though they were unsuited to the role.

Managers can't do much to affect the outcome of the game but one thing they CAN do is make sure they put players in positions where they can succeed. 

And if the Nats have pushed the panic button, why not PEDRO!

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