Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh, I'm going to hold a grudge. You bet I am!

"One, it's time to stop blaming Omar Minaya for the Nationals' woes."

Not so much.

You don't like Lastings Milledge in CF. Well it could have been AL MVP candidate Grady Sizemore except for Omar.

Top of the rotation got you down. Nothing that reigning AL Cy young award winner Cliff Lee couldn't fix except for Omar.

Wish for some more production from 2B? How about 20/20 guy Brandon Phillips? Whoops. Omar dealt him too. 

Would Jason Bay have been an upgrade in left for the last few years?  If you say yes, you have Omar to thank for missing out.  But that's small potatoes next to the Lou Collier Experience!

Want the list of MLB players Omar drafted for us?

2002 -- Darrell Rasner, Mike O'Conner and Jason Bergmann. 

2003 -- Chad Cordero, Jerry Owens, Kory Casto, Daryl Thompson and Luke Montz

2004 -- Bill Bray and Brett Campbell???  Look him up. He pitched 4 1/3 innings in 2006 for the Nats.

Oh, by the way in case you are wondering if it makes a bit of difference to have an incompetent running your draft, see 2002.  Clint Everts 5th overall. Who was 6th?  Zach Grienke.  7th? Prince Fielder.  How about 17th? Cole Hamels.

How about that brilliant Erik San Pedro pick at #54 in 2004?  Care to guess who went back to back at 64 and 65? Hunter Pence and Dustin Pedroia.

In other words, there is precious little to reap in 2009 because nothing of value was sown in 2002-2004.  (For those who can't see the connection, imagine an 18 year old drafted in 2002 who's now 25 and in the prime of his career.) And you have to imagine it because there is nothing of the sort in the Nats organization.

All I can say is, thank god he's running the Mets.  They are in for a Loooooonnnnngggg dry spell.

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