Friday, April 3, 2009

The 30th Man

For those of us who complain about all the negative stories pushed by sportswriters and producers, I should be happier to read the Food Critic's profile of Kory Casto.

Sounds like the kind of guy we all envision ballplayers to be, driven, hard working and humble.

But let's not kid ourselves.

A good story is a good story but what we really want is to see our team win baseball games.

And Kory Casto isn't going to help us do that.

*update. Casto cleared waivers (to the surprise of no one).  OTBE baby.

Glad they found the old Redskin team doctor for Terrell Young.  Maybe he'll prescribe preventative Tommy John surgery.

It's easy to sit in the cold of winter and call for using young arms in the upcoming season for the future of the franchise.  But when the rubber is about to meet the road, it is much tougher to swallow.

Anyone else worried about another disastrous start thanks to starting pitching?  One or two of the youngsters going sideways is to be expected but what if all 5 crap the bed out of the gate?  Based on the last few games, it's a concern.  I wonder if things could quickly spiral out of control, you have locker room issues (the 1B/OF logjam isn't going to help matters) and the whole season turns into a five month long march to the #1 pick again.

There's no reason another organization would hesitate to pick him up. -- Nats Journal

Yes there is.  Tell me what Casto can do that couldn't be done better by Frank Catalanatto?

True that Catalanatto would be slightly more expensive but a guy with a career line of .292/.358/.449 in 4104 PA's vs. Casto's thin resume?  194/264/276 in 239 PA's No contest.

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