Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 minutes

Can we really say that no other National player has been 5 minutes late before?  Really. We know that because they have treated every incident like this one. 

I imagine it went down something like this:

Hey Dukes, you're late!!!

Hey Dawg, I was high fivin' some little leaguers and I had to get everybody.

Did the dog eat your homework too?  Is the support check in the mail? $500 and a benching for you.

<searches images in cell phone>

Fast forward to today: Hey, he was telling the truth. D&*%% it, another PR disaster.

Dukes got killed on baseball tonight last night too over this and the Diaz "double".

But does anyone recall how the Nats got run number 3 (aka the wining run?)

Would that be Dukes legging out an infield single?  Hmmmm. Escobar bobbled the ball for a half a second and Dukes, busting his a*&% out of the box beat the throw by a fraction.  But do the baseball tonight guys go back and show that highlight?  Nope. Easier to throw that faux indignation around.  Will this hustle play be remembered? Nope.  But the 5 minutes sure will be.

I'd really like to see what they'd say if Dukes re-enacted any one of a million scenes from the life of beloved Yankee centerfielder Mickey Mantle?  Guy doesn't take the game seriously, he's a menace, out of control . . . he needs to be banned for life!!!

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  1. I was thinking of buying a Dukes T-Shirt, but that would probably curse him for life. Besides, I need to save my money for beer.