Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wrong wrong wrong

Bullpen trade market 'a flip of the coin' - ESPN

"They're so focused on building that team back to respectability," an AL executive said. "To them, finishing seven or eight games under .500 is a lot better than finishing 15 games under .500. It means a lot to their business moving forward. In the end, I think they should consider trading him. But they don't seem that motivated to do it right now."

Not this s*^% again.

If this represents the thinking of the FO, then we're all screwed. Or at least condemned to a Pittsburgh/Kansas City/Baltimore like descent into perpetual mediocrity.

Yes, winning breeds attendance and revenue. But unless you go 35-5 in your next 40 games, wins in 2010 mean jack s*&^.

Holding out on Dunn, as I've gone on and on about elsewhere, is fine. He's a difference maker and should command a premium.

Matt Capps was FREELY AVAILABLE last offseason. He's replaceable. And you have the one card that could make Capps (and Guzman) worth a prospect with a shot at helping you down the road . . . you can pay their salaries!!!!

2010 was never about 2010. It should have always been about 2011 and beyond. Keep your focus there and skip this short term thinking. Two or three more wins this year isn't going to fill the place up. Two or three more wins next year or the year after when you have a better team, then your investment pays off.

And kudos to the FO for finally making a big international FA signing. About damn time. Now let's get this Cuban Craig Stammen into the rotation before we find out he actually outdueled Jamie Moyer at the Little League World Series.

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