Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll tell you how it feels. It feels freaking great!

How will Wilson Ramos fit into the Nats Future?

to be on the winning side of a trade. And that's exactly where the Nats find themselves this morning.

I don't even care if Wilson Ramos is the second coming of Wil Nieves. I don't care if he would end up 4th on the Molina family depth chart, it's still a win simply because ITS EXACTLY WHAT THIS TEAM SHOULD BE DOING!

They even sent CASH to the Twins. Meaning they are paying Capps salary this year. And I'm sure that's why they were able to pry Ramos away, Capps came free and he'll be under team control for net year too. Ohhhh how tough it must have been to pry those pennies from the Lerner's hands but at least they did it. Credit where it's due.

As for Ramos, no need to start his clock. Should wait till September to bring him up just to be sure since he spent a few days in Minnesota earlier this year. Next year he should at least be given half the job pointing toward ownership in 2012.

Oh and an unconventional suggestion to replace Capps in the bullpen . . . Chuck James.

Right now, there is no one in the Nats pen who matches up with left handed batters. Burnett is death against lefties. The three lefty's in the Chiefs pen all have warts of one sort or another (I am not ready to ride the Ron Villone express again). James has major league experience and has a Cliff Leesque 31/2 K/BB ratio at Harrisburg.