Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If only they were this caution with ALL their pitchers

Another Strasburg milestone: The first scratch of his career - Big League Stew - MLB� - Yahoo! Sports

One theme (among the few I beat to death) has been the seeming inadequacy of the team in dealing with pitching injuries.

The same refrain has happened time and time again . . . pitcher is OK maybe even showing signs of competence. All of a sudden they begin to get rocked. Ascribed to any number of reasons, the pitcher continues to pitch. Then, a "missed start" or "we're holding him back a day or two"

Finally, we get the "Paging Dr. Andrews" call. And the inevitable quote "My arm/shoulder/elbow has been sore for a while. I just tried pitching through it."

See Mock, Garrett, Lannan, John, Stammen, Craig (2009), Zimmermann, Jordan (2009) and on and on and on.

So, when the Meal Ticket complains about being unable to loosen up, go right ahead and get the MRI.

And if you are pissed you paid full price because of Strasburg, remember what was said about that Reds home date in early June . . .

The Plan must include Chris Marrero as the starting 1B on Opening Day 2013. That would explain the two year offer to Dunn and the unwillingness to go to three or four.

Dunn plays everyday in 2011, Marrero apprentices at AAA. 2012 Dunn starts, Marrero still at AAA but gets called up around June 1. Either Dunn becomes moderately useful deadline trade bait or he powers your drive for the NL East crown. Two successful seasons by Dunn should allow him to keep Type A status and make an arb offer easily declinable for him. Two picks come back and poof new starting 1B in 2013.

Prudent strategy I have to admit. And well worth sticking to your guns. Now Dunn @33 > Marrero @25 means a downgrade at 1B in 2013. But you hope the downgrade could be covered by the extra $14million freed up in payroll (yes I am silently laughing to myself at such a thought)

All I ask is: if you must trade Dunn get quality back in return. Don't sell short like AZ did in the Haren deal. The smart teams know Dunn is a difference maker, make 'em pay the price.

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