Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dunn deal coming for club? | MLB.com: News

Inbox: Dunn deal coming for club? | MLB.com: News

It was teased as "Ladson says Nats will be buyers" and I was ready to rain on that parade.

Really, what it says is the Nats won't do much at the deadline. Not likely to trade a lot of pieces but to make trades to make the team better. Folks, you can't pay enough for that kind of insight.

It was a 70 win team when they left Florida and they are still a 70 win team. They are sellers or they should be, sellers of anything and everything. If someone is actually thinking of trading for Willie Bloomquist, then you have to get Willie Harris out there fast. Capps, Kennedy, Guzman GONE.

Repeat after me: winning in 2010 is worthless. Anything that can convert a present asset into potential future value MUST be done. Worst thing a team can do is try both at the same time. Doesn't work. Never works. Unless unending mediocrity is your goal then two thumbs up!