Monday, July 19, 2010

He doesn't know them very well

Not�many quality position�players available�at MLB trade deadline - Jon Heyman -

5. Adam Dunn, Nationals 1B. One GM called the asking price "prohibitive.'' However, GMs can still see the Nationals dealing Dunn, whose big power should make him an attractive rental even with what's left of his $12 million 2010 salary, then perhaps signing him back as a free agent. The Yankees could envision him in Yankee Stadium, aren't focused on starting pitching anymore and would like to make up for missing out on Lee. The Angels make sense, too, with the loss of Kendry Morales to injury, and so do the White Sox. "They should probably move him, but the Nationals do some curious things at the deadline,'' one GM said, referring to their decision to keep Alfonso Soriano a few years back and various trades. They also are a rare potential seller that might be able to take some well-salaried players in return, putting them in a unique situation. "They could do unusual deadline deals,'' one GM said, meaning they could seek proven players back, not just prospects.

6. Josh Willingham, Nationals OF. The productive hitter has 15 homers and 49 RBIs and would be popular as a trade chip. But one competing GM, noting Willingham is under the Nats' control through arbitration another year, said, "I think they should keep him.'' Yet another hitter who could help the weak-hitting Giants.

"Could take well salaried players in return" "could do unusual deadline deals" HA HA HA it is to laugh.

They have had this ability since 2007 and it hasn't happened. Why is 2010 any different?

If they decide to trade Dunn, "prohibitive" is the starting point for what they should get. Remember, Dunn WILL get an arb offer and he will command "A" compensation so that really kills the trade him and resign in the off season strategy.

At 4/$60 -- that's not terrible. Barring injury, Dunn's likely to return close to $15m a year or at least he'll give you a solid $10m. I mean he's unlikely to veer into total albatross mode even throughout the length of the contract. Now 5 years or a few million more . . . then you'd think a little too much. Dunn's 30-34 year old seasons should look at lot like 2009-2010.

Wouldn't Jim Thome be a reasonable comp? Lots of power, patience mediocre-fielding 1B and he was pretty productive through those years in Philly.

Of course that the safe play and if there is one theme I've established it that this team isn't in a position to take the safe route. The only chance to really improve substantially in the medium term would be to get a haul for Dunn. At least one real impact player, preferably a bat and some other pieces. Now for this course to work, it would require 1) actually getting the impact prospect and 2) a willingness to spend the resulting savings. I'll grant you 1 is a crap shoot even for the best of GMs. 2 is totally within their control and as of 2010, they have not shown that willingness.

Didn't see the games this weekend but I sense a little panic button pressing throughout the Natsmophere.

Hey, that Josh Johnson guy, he's pretty good. Can't use that excuse yesterday though. Sometimes it goes that way in short stretches. It does highlight an ongoing problem and it isn't the 3-4-5 hitters. 1 & 2 haven't been doing their jobs (not that we had any reasonable expectation they would) all season.

Offseason assignment Mike: find a 2B with a high OBP. Or a centerfielder. Not asking much only the least plentiful commodity other than true #1 starters.

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