Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not this S again

Heavens to betsy a real live scandal in Washington. Who would have expected that?

Every two-bit blow dried TV sports hack is so happy to have a chance to pick up one of the precious local Emmy's for their in-depth coverage of this "cheating" scandal.


I repeat my self: I couldn't care less about steroids in sports.  And neither should anyone else.

It's cheating you say. It's against the rules.  So are emory boards and corked bats. 

Unless the integrity of the game is at stake (i.e. I'm looking at you Pete Rose) why should I care if some of the trained performers are destroying their bodies for my amusement?  I don't.  They bought the ticket, they are taking the ride.  They made a choice: I want to fame and money that comes from athletic achievement and I'm willing to sacrifice my health for it.

It's called freedom folks.  Maybe you'd make a different choice.  Good for you.  Now shut the F up and let me watch 600 ft home runs.

But now we're going to be subjected to another round of anguished moralizing from TV radio and bloggers all dredging this crap up.  

One positive at least for me is: there will be a ton of ink and electrons spilt over the next few weeks on this subject.  And I can safely ignore it all.  I probably would have wasted my time reading about the sport itself.  What will I do with all this free time?

I baseball news I care about: grapevine brings news that Nick J. is a target of TWGMIBB.  Usually, custom dictates that you don't deal in your own division.  But when it comes to TWGMIBB, you HAVE to. 

Now, all that he's got on his ledger to deal are potential mediocraties like Jon Niese, Mike Antonini, Eddie Kunz, and big leaguer Bobby Parnell.

Check out their numbers.  They may have "potential" but not one of them screams useful big leaguer.  Parnell throws hard but then again so does Hanrahan.  Neither knows exactly where it's going.  The others are fodder, maybe a tick better than Clippard and more advanced than say McGeary or Arenson. 

The caveat I always hear is: well you can't expect much for Nick J.  He's hurt all the time.  Well, he ain't hurt now.  And you are only buying the next four months.  If you want to add 2-3 wins to your team over that time (hint that may be the difference between making the postseason and not) you are going to have to pay.  Even better, there is no long term commitment involved.  $3m tops.  No one else on the trade market offers a better combination of win now and don't pay later.

Rizz: if you are still awake after D-Cab's last start then here's what you need to be looking for: a young middle infielder who can get on base.  Pitching is second but please don't panic and deal Nick J. for middle relievers.  Just don't.  I find it real hard to believe that the Red Sox turned down Nick J. for Manny Delcarmen.  I have no doubt Theo would do that deal in a heartbeat.

Call Sabien in San Francisco.  He needs to win NOW.  He doesn't have a contract for next year and if they don't win the west or at least get the wild  card then he's gone.  That means his focus in the next four months.  And he's got a buttload of young pitching.  Alderson, Bumgarner and a few others.  Finally, they have a sucking chest wound at 1st.  Nick J. might make the Giants 4-5 wins better over the next four months just by benching the suckitude they've been running out there.

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