Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Widespread indifference

That's what I would call it.  Another would be a real bad sign.

Last night I was watching the Caps game at a local watering hole.  It was about 9:45 or so when Steckel potted the game winner.

I figured I'd hang around long enough to finish my adult beverage of choice and catch the first couple of innings of the Nats game.  10:00 rolls around and . . . not ONE of the innumerable TV's in the establishment turned to the Nats game.  I thought, hey I'm wrong this is a travel day. . .

Nope.  NFL rewind appeared on three screens showing a game from three years ago!  Rerun NFL beats live baseball in the NoVa 'burbs.

Folks, Nats town is a ghost town!

In the nobody saw that coming department:

MLB attendance has dropped 5.2 percent from last season. The Yankees are down 11.9 percent.  The Tigers have lost 27 percent.  The Nationals have dropped 35.2 percent.

If the Tigers fall out of contention, they'll look back and think 27% was a great number. With their $100m+ payroll, won't they be desperate to deal.  Magglio Ordonez, maybe even Miguel Cabrara.  Certainly Dontrelle Willis or Nate Robertson.

 And even at -35%, the Lerners are still turning a profit!

Finally, the Sports Guy and his weekly guest JackO did a bit coming up with a nickname for our next #1 starter Steve S.

Their choice: The Anchorman.

Works on two levels: the anchor of the rotation and as a homage to the movie. 

A big inning against the Anchorman . . . "Well, that escalated quickly"

The Anchorman in a brawl . . . "The Anchorman introduced Utley to Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary."

A swinging strikeout by the Anchorman . . . "You stay classy, Ryan Howard"

Fun Nats Fact 'o the Day

When the EXPOS? traded Ellis Valentine to the Mets in 1981, what relief pitching prospect did they recieve in return?

The answer, in the .000000000000000001% chance that you care, is Jeff Reardon.

I am starting to think that MLB Properties still has an inventory of Expos trivia they haven't used up and damnit Bud isn't going to let perfectly lousy trivia go to waste.

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