Monday, May 11, 2009


Yes, I know the sabermetricians say lineup protection is a myth.

But it's a strange coincidence that the FoF has a 28 game hitting streak and is hitting
.346/.394/.577/.971 now that they guy BEHIND him is hitting .311/.451/.660/ 1.112!!!!

And I defy anyone to say they don't look forward to an Adam Dunn AB.  He's been cover-your-eyes awful in the field, maybe even worse than we were led to believe but if that moon shot into the picnic area in centerfield yesterday didn't put a smile on your face you aren't a baseball fan.  Even if you believe the big boppers are overrated and you'd like to see more bunting, an athletic achievement like that blast is a wonder to behold. So up yours bunters.


  1. up your's bunters! that's awesome :-)

  2. that last comment came from me, not my wife. she likes bunters.