Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comparing the losing

There isn't much to say about the current 6 game losing streak.  How many times can you write about a decent start, some early offense and then a bullpen collapse.  It's like having to watch a community theater production of Death of a Salesman over and over again.  The acting is amateurish but the lines sparkle at times but in the end you are depressed at both the content and the players.

So I'd rather compare what this losing feels like versus previous bouts of losing. 

The '08 start: my recollections are of having almost no hope from the get go.  Games would go by with no discernible offensive highlights.  It felt like defeat was preordained.

2nd Half of '05.  Maybe the closets to this stretch in that the first half success gave you hope every night.  Hey 10 in a row was possible so maybe tonight's the night the magic returns. 

This may be the worst of all simply because game after game is a stomach punch.  The top of the order always leaved you with hope that an insurmountable lead could be generated or a small deficit could be overcome.  Then, the Lucy-like bullpen whips the football out from your toe and bam flat on your back.

I am even awaiting the first successful late inning close out by the pen.  It has to be coming, the odds have to fall in their favor once right?   It will seem like a little green shoot, a little bit of sunshine has finally appeared and optimism peeks its fragile head out for a look around. 

Then ka boom they collapse again smashing optimism and finally deflating you once and for all.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they can lose a town.

I like all this trade chatter of the past few days.  I hope it's true that Boston and the Giants are looking to upgrade at 1B (SF) or DH (Bos).  Both of those teams have loaded farm systems esp. pitching.  At this point, would you love to see Manny Delcarmen at the back end of the bullpen?  Bard or Buchholtz too.  And would FJB's head explode if they got Michael Bowden? Could he type his last name without twiching?

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