Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strasburg's Elbow saved me $60

The worst Strasburg jersey ever - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post

I was looking for a hook to note this and here it is.

Got my Strasburg jersey 50% at Modell's along with a #37 red t-shirt. So, so far, that torn elbow ligament has me $60 ahead. If it heals. Otherwise, I have some real painful memories hanging in my closet.

As for the opening series . . . look we didn't expect a .500 season. In fact, they are a 70-75 win team at best.

But J Zimm pitched well. That was the only game I saw for an extended period of time and if he hadn't had the strike zone squeezed to an unreasonable extent, he would have had an even better outing. That should be very encouraging. His development as a solid #2 is one of the key goals for 2011.

Danny Espinosa looks like he belongs. Another key development for 2011.

Have to like Wilson Ramos' start. Operation Phase out Pudge coming along nicely. It was good of him to bounce into a patented Pudge DP on Sunday just to remind us why this is important.

Did we expect Desmond to be an effective leadoff hitter? No. I certainly hope not. He's miscast there. But leadoff hitters are hard to find. It should be the #1 priority going forward on the hitting side.

Did we see Mike Morse or Rick Ankiel as long term solutions? No we didn't. And they aren't. So if they fail it means very little (aside from more losses this year than expected) and they will be easy to dispose of.

Rest of the important 2011 stories begin when the minor league seasons start. Obviously everyone will be watching Harper. But there are a lot of other stories.

Will Norris bash his was to Washington this year? Or at least set us up to take a job in 2012? Will Detweiler force himself into the big league rotation? Will any of the talented OF's in Potomac breakout and establish themselves as a third strong position player prospect for the system?

Finally, how will Sammy Solis, A.J. Cole and Robbie Ray develop?

I'm setting the bar pretty low. But that seems most reasonable to me. Barring a string of unfathomable bad luck though, the expectations for 2012 will be much higher.

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