Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leonys Martin: Why isn't he headed to Harrisburg?

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I can’t help but wonder if the injury to Josh Hamilton(notes) has the Rangers pushing the panic button today, with the big news being the expected signing of Cuban defector Leonys Martin. The club is reportedly offering Martin, a center fielder, a whopping $15 million dollar bonus along with a spot on the 40-man roster. Here is a little background on Martin, who was a budding star in Cuba. He offers speed, defense, and true lead-off ability, and may see the field in short order if Julio Borbon(notes) can’t pick up the pace. I’d expect Martin to start off at Double-A Frisco, and move quickly from there.

$16 million. That's all it would take. And you would have yourselves the EXACT type of player you need: a CF who can be a plus defender with a good OBP so he can be your lead off hitter!

This is an ELUSIVE skill set. It's on par with top starters and SS who can hit with power. Why wouldn't you do anything and everything to get one for nothing more than cash?

So why again is the Nats payroll so low this year despite the fact they play in a massive media market? And the owners are billionaires? And why can't they be the ones announcing this signing.

It can't be hard. I mean just call the guys agent and say "Whatever the Rangers are offering, we'll offer more." No matter what shady deals have gone down, money talks and BS walks.

Hell, have Livan! call the guy. Would he really not take a call from perhaps the most successful Cuban major league pitcher going today?

Wait till the signing is announced and Rizzo is asked about it. "We made an offer but we came in 2nd" is the odds on favorite.

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